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Boa’s boa_parser crate is a parser targeting the latest ECMAScript language specification.

Crate Overview

This crate contains implementations of a Lexer and a Parser for the ECMAScript language. The lexical grammar and the syntactic grammar being targeted are fully defined in the specification. See the links provided for more information.

About Boa

Boa is an open-source, experimental ECMAScript Engine written in Rust for lexing, parsing and executing ECMAScript/JavaScript. Currently, Boa supports some of the language. More information can be viewed at Boa’s website.

Try out the most recent release with Boa’s live demo playground.

Boa Crates



  • Error and result implementation for the parser.
  • Boa’s lexical analyzer(Lexer) for ECMAScript source code.
  • Boa parser implementation.
  • source 🔒


  • A source of ECMAScript code.