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Boa’s boa_runtime crate contains an example runtime and basic runtime features and functionality for the boa_engine crate for runtime implementors.

Example: Adding Web API’s Console Object

  1. Add boa_runtime as a dependency to your project along with boa_engine.
use boa_engine::{ Context, Source, property::Attribute, js_string };
use boa_runtime::Console;

// Create the context.
let mut context = Context::default();

// Initialize the Console object.
let console = Console::init(&mut context);

// Register the console as a global property to the context.
    .register_global_property(js_string!(Console::NAME), console, Attribute::all())
    .expect("the console object shouldn't exist yet");

// JavaScript source for parsing.
let js_code = "console.log('Hello World from a JS code string!')";

// Parse the source code
match context.eval(Source::from_bytes(js_code)) {
    Ok(res) => {
            res.to_string(&mut context).unwrap().to_std_string_escaped()
    Err(e) => {
        // Pretty print the error
        eprintln!("Uncaught {e}");

About Boa

Boa is an open-source, experimental ECMAScript Engine written in Rust for lexing, parsing and executing ECMAScript/JavaScript. Currently, Boa supports some of the language. More information can be viewed at Boa’s website.

Try out the most recent release with Boa’s live demo playground.

Boa Crates


  • console 🔒
    Boa’s implementation of JavaScript’s console Web API object.


  • This is the internal console object state.