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VM Execution Flowgraph

We can also get the VM instructions flowgraph, which is a visual representation of the instruction flow.

The Start (in green) and End (in red) node in the graph represents the start and end point of execution. They are not instructions, just markers.

The conditional instructions are diamond shaped, with the "YES" branch in green and the "NO" branch in red. The push and pop evironment pairs match colors and are connected by a dotted line.

You can use the --flowgraph (or --flowgraph=mermaid for mermaid format) flag which outputs graphviz format by default, and pipe it to dot (from the graphviz package which is installed on most linux distros by default) or use an online editor like here to view the graph.

cargo run -- test.js --flowgraph | dot -Tpng > test.png

You can specify the -Tsvg to generate a svg instead of a png file.

Graphviz flowgraph

Mermaid graphs can be displayed on github natively without third-party programs. By using a mermaid block as seen below.

// graph contents here...

Additiona/ly you can specify the direction of "flow" by using the --flowgraph-direction cli option, for example --flowgraph-direction=left-to-right, the default is top-to-bottom.